Meet Us

Vo,Mr V founder of Phong Nha River Life Homestay
I was born i Dong Hoi city, in the north central of Viet Nam. I graduated from University of Foreign Langgues in Da Nang. After graduating, i had worked as a English translator for a mining company in Quang Nam province. My job was good with high salary, competitive working environment…. However, everything has changed to me… Once, i went home for my 5 days vacation, me and some friends organized a cave trip to Phong Nha. We really loved it and it was one of my highlight trip in my life. Undoubtfully, This is place i should be belonged to.
I decided to quit my job in Quang Nam moving to Phong Nha. I got married and have a little boy name B. My wife Huyen can speak English well too and she can cook delicious local food

At first, I worked as a tourguide for Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park . With my job, i had a lot of fun, went to different places, saw many caves( my favourite), the reason i am here.

Come to stay in my homestay where i am the owner now to share the jungle experiences that i had when i was adventurous, jungle guide; come to share the nature love with me.