Hang En Treks

There are now two options for the Hang En trek, with the major difference being the location of the camp site.The cave camps sets up camp inside the cave on a river beach after exploring Hang En on day 1 of the trip. The Jungle Camp Adventure explores Hang Lanh on day 1 and camps in the jungle, before exploring Hang En on day 2.

On this tour you will trek to the awe inspiring Hang En cave over 2 days, as well as exploring the cold cave, Hang Lanh. 

Hang En is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in the world, and is as close as you can get to Hang Son Doong (the world’s biggest cave) at an affordable price. This tour goes through Ban Doong Minority village, one of few settlements within the park. 

You approach Hang En along a cool river, often wading through the stream. The cave comes in to sight as a small entrance, but what is behind it will blow you away. The immense cavern, the rock formations, the wildlife and the jungle all make this an incredible trip. 


  • 25km Jungle trekking over 2 days
  • 4km caving in Hang En and Hang Lanh
  • Camping on the beach inside the cave or at a campsite in the jungle
  • Multiple river crossings

Adventure level: Moderate High 
20km of jungle trekking and caving. Physical fitness is required including swimming and walking on rocky boulders and uneven and slippery ground. Some scrambling over rocks will require use of your hands. 

What to bring:

  • Long shirt and trousers and good trekking shoes
  • Close weave trekking socks (not ankle socks)
  • Personal items, swimwear, camera, water bottle
  • A change of clothing and sandals for in camp
  • A travel towel or Sarong (not the room towels please!)

Tour includes:

  • All food, water and camping equipment
  • All park entrance fees, transport, guide and porters

Hang En Adventure Cave Camp – 7,500,000 VND/person

Hang En Adventure Jungle Camp – 7,000,000 VND/person

Booking Tours

Multiple departures each week at 8.00am 
Children under 16 are not able to participate in this trek
Hang En is not available from Mid-September to late December during the rainy season for safety reasons
This tour has a strict cancellation policy. You must arrive in Phong Nha and pay for the tour by 6pm the night before departure 

Please note: Caving tours are very weather dependent. With any caving tour, the weather can also change the itinerary of a tour. We try our best to offer you exactly what we advertise, but the wilderness around here can be a changeable place, and sometimes we have to adapt our tours. We will always endeavor to warn you of any itinerary changes before a tour begins, but please understand that sometimes adaptations have to occur mid-tour. 


New and Feed

  • "Eat with us" Vietnamese traditional dish with only 5$. Happy hour from 5.30pm(see sun set on the river) 2 beer get price of 1
  • Free round boats and floating devices, fishing rod. Relax on the hammocks near the river
  • Be a fishman in a half day with locals
  • New tours in the National Park include Hang Vom 1 day trekking and Hang Gieng Vooc 1 day experience